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recap of today’s trades ($295 realized profits)

Posted on 19th December 19, 2011, 9:16 , by in Daily Recap & Strategy. Comments Off on recap of today’s trades ($295 realized profits)

We sold our position in $SMSI today based on perceived market weakness and then re-entered the same number of shares at a slightly lower price.
($330 profit on $SMSI trade long 5,000 shares $1.08 to $1.15 minus $20 commish)
(re-purchased 5,000 shares at $1.13)

Traded $VHC short based on confusion surrounding their patent situation. The stock had made a sharp 20% move within just one hour with both 1 and 3min MACD signals starting to roll over. Risk/Reward was favorable but, the trade didn’t come together as planned.
($35 loss on $VHC trade short $24.72 to $24.82 minus $20 commish)

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