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Fast Money’s Guy Adami says “$AVL is worth a look”

Posted on 24th January 24, 2012, 3:05 , by in Daily Recap & Strategy. Comments Off on Fast Money’s Guy Adami says “$AVL is worth a look”

At the conclusion of an interview with Avalon Rare Metals CEO by the Fast Money panel, Guy Adami commented that the stock was “worth a look”. Much of the conversation focused on potential impacts of technologies currently under development which do not utilize rare-earth materials. The CEO rightly responded that these technologies are in fact several years away and do not pose a significant decrease in the overall need for rare-earths even if implemented. Discussion surrounding the current price per share of $AVL stock was summed up as being oversold to the downside in the recent sector drop leading to speculation that it may belong somewhere in the middle of previous highs and its present levels. We are most interested in the multiple support levels the stock is presently showing but, this added attention by Fast Money is an interesting element.

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